Clearance/Right-to-Use/Freedom-to-Operate Searching
Discover if you have the ability to operate in a particular area of technology with your product or service without infringing upon patents owned by others.


Collection/State-of-the-Art Searching
Receive up-to-date information on technology trends and progress in a particular field as well as an overview on related patents, published applications, and other references. 

Competitive/Technical Intelligence Searching
Gain competitive knowledge that will aid in strategic business planning.  Discover competitive information that will help you identify future intentions of competitors as well their strengths and weaknesses.


Infringement Searching
Uncover existing intellectual property across many countries that could represent an infringement risk. Avoid infringing upon existing intellectual property.

Novelty/Patentability/Prior Art Searching
Find out whether anyone has invented anything similar or identical to your invention.  Identifying both patent and non-patent prior art can aid in determining the novelty of your particular invention.


Validity/Invalidity Searching
Receive an exhaustive Prior Art Search to either validate the enforcement of your patent’s claims against prior art or invalidate claims of another patent against your claims.

Patent Watches and Alerts
Receive alerts on new technology developments and trends in your industry.